Daily Inspiration for June 26, 2017


True love is the greatest gift God gives us.  It is unconditional and begins with oneself.  Once we learn to fully be present to love like Him, we become representations of our Creator.

With beautiful gestures for humanity and in loving our neighbors, we can congregate to create a better world than the one in which we currently live.  Human beings are extremely powerful in unity to restructure the earth from its present state (war, hate, negativity, etc.).  We simply must work as a collective.

We do not have to continue to face adversity and atrocities.  We can evolve and grow rapidly.  Choosing to grow and become wiser with the essence of our true selves best serves us to design a healthier space where we all can coexist happily.

Close your eyes.  See it, see the beautiful new world filled with love, God’s love.  I see it.

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