Daily Inspiration for June 22, 2017


Imagine having your deepest dreams come true. Now, think of how it feels to FINALLY have what you have always wanted. Visualize that and transport yourself to that place at present. Make it so each day and it becomes your reality. You will soon blink and see everything unfold.

In moments of despair and disbelief, do not lose sight that God, the Universe and the angels are working behind the scenes to assist you. Continue to persevere even if it appears nothing is evolving. This is particularly when you must strengthen your faith. It must become a part of your existence just as the air you breathe. It converts into second nature for you. EVERYTHING is possible once we align our energy to BELIEVE. That is the reason we often hear miracles still exist and happen every day.

That loving voice you hear inside your heart is not your imagination. It is your inner guide, your intuition, another beautiful gift God gave us all. Many times, it speaks when your mind is cloudy. Retreat for a minute. Meditate. Do not only HEAR the voice. Let it enter you to thoroughly listen. Do not fight it. Do not doubt it. It is real. It is sincere. It is present with you to understand that all is materializing as it is supposed to and that you should continue to trust.

Be thankful to God and the Universe for the blessings of your past, the blessings of your present and the blessings of your future. With constant gratitude comes continuous magic.

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