Daily Inspiration for June 21, 2017


When someone recognizes that he or she can choose how to feel, why would that person NOT choose to carry on a positive feeling? If we agree that unhappiness and negativity can kill and cause illness, does it not stand to reason that the opposite also holds true? Happiness engenders more positivity and is wonderful for one’s health and well-being.

I encounter too many people who genuinely believe they came on this planet to be martyrs and deal with the supposed bad card they were dealt. All I scream at them is CHOOSE HAPPINESS ALREADY! We all only get one chance to live this lifetime and absolutely everyone deserves to be happy.

I no longer accept as true that some people were born lucky while some were not. I highly doubt that our Creator of this world picked certain individuals for greatness and others to lead mediocre lives. In my perspective, God afforded us all similar opportunities respective of our classes, surroundings and circumstances. Of course, my father was no celebrity attorney providing me with a trust fund to become a socialite alike a Real Housewife of Anything. But, just as for many members of that society, Iife presented me with a wealth of opportunities to display my greatness. It is my choice to take advantage of these openings. I can create abundance in many forms. The avenues for that are all around us. There is so much richness for everyone.

We must not envy. We must not allow jealousy to take over. We must not dislike another for something he or she did not take from us. Appreciate the benediction of watching someone thrive and prosper. Take it as a learning experience. Show admiration as you would a mentor and watch how you are able to replicate as well. If you have that chance, it truly is a blessing. Many tycoons started at the very bottom of a barrel slowly climbing the ladder of success learning by trials and errors. Think about the beautiful gift it is to bypass a lot of those hurdles.

When you are confident that God/The Universe is omnipresent to support you, why hate? Why doubt? Why fear? If we look deeply, we will see we are surrounded by many blessings and miracles.

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