Daily Inspiration for June 20, 2017


Appreciate the hidden blessings that come with keeping silent as you set the intentions to manifest your desires into reality.  Love yourself enough to keep your secrets even if only momentarily.  No, it is not that you would create a jinx; I do not believe in jinxes.

For your visions to concretize, you must first fully and completely align with the right energy.  You must be clear and specific in what you want and be able to truly visualize them as though you already have them.  Everything is already here; you are birthing it.

Sometimes, oversharing gives way to doubts, fears and second-guesses.  This is particularly true when one does not yet have full clarity.  It is very easy to take on the concerns of others as ours by absorbing their points of views and opinions.

Take a moment to retreat within.  Let fear go and choose love.  Be imaginative.  Use loving words as you reflect internally to create more love in your surroundings.  Keep a positive attitude as you speak your dreams into existence.  Affirm them.  When they come true and when you are ready, only then share with the world.  This can lead you to become a great teacher.


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