Daily Inspiration for June 19, 2017


Another week, another opportunity to start anew!

I provide a service to at a client’s office several times a week.  While the company is an ideal client, there is a person with whom I would prefer minimal interaction.  He is a manager under whose supervision most employees would detest working; a micromanager, a controlling individual.  Since youth, I have challenged and rebelled against authority.  For me, being controlled is utterly suffocating, which is common for many spiritual people.

For a while, I would nervously apprehend intermingling with said manager.  This caused unnecessary stress.  I eventually realized that whenever I make the decision that TODAY is going to be a fantastic day, it always turns out to be that way, albeit experiencing hiccups sometimes.  I also shifted my approach.  I will begin with a smile or an enjoyable tone when communicating with the supervisor in question.  It helps alleviate the disagreeable side of his personality.  After a while, I forget how unpleasant he can be.  With this too also comes love.  I know, it seems like a disparity, doesn’t it?

Unconditional love, throughout and including for humanity, is one of the most challenging states to achieve.  Trying to be pleasant changes my perspective.  It reminds me that I have no idea what may be going on in the life of someone who does not appear to be so nice.  I do my best to remain unaffected by one’s bad mood and with all the compassion I can muster, I remind myself it has nothing to do with me and I pray it gets better for him or her.  I am no saint and I did not always see things this way, but I prefer to lead a positive and idyllic life.

My mother and several others from her generation insist on believing that life is not easy or that one cannot have it all.  This has never resonated with me and my question remains why is that?  Life truly is not complicated.  There is enough abundance for EVERYONE.  Living in harmony is NOT unattainable.  Choose happiness and bliss will ensue.  As human beings, we too often self-sabotage.  Many have a subconscious fear of success believing that with it and opulence come problems.  Again, I ask, why is that?  Like attracts like and if we surround ourselves with like-minded people, our energy will align with what instinctively appeals to us.  My all may not be your all, but trust that we all can have it all!

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