Daily Inspiration for June 16, 2017


When I decided to write a blog, I promised myself that I would do so at least once a day.  I can be a funny person at times.  If I miss one day while attempting something new, I may allow yet another day or another time to fall off the wagon.  As much as a I tried yesterday, I simply was unable to write.  I had a horrendous migraine that incapacitated me the entire day.  The work week was already massive, which more than likely took a toll on me.  I relinquished control and gave my body a moment to rest.  It was much deserved.  Consequently, I received a few more inspiration today.

Though I still have not fully recovered, I was able to begin my day with love.  It is love for me.  If I do not learn to correctly love myself unconditionally, I can neither recognize it in another nor give it to someone else.  Absolutely everything begins with me.  As I work on establishing a wonderful relationship with who I am, I will in turn have positive relationships with others.  It is very true that love, all love throughout, does make a difference.

Even simply love for humanity gives us the chance to relate to the rest of the world on a nurturing level.  As we evolve and accept to make the best of any situation, we remain in a state where negativity has no place.  Therefore, there may be no need to pass one’s bad humor onto others simply because one trivial thing did not turn out as we’d hoped.  We can let it go and accept it to come as it is supposed to.

Yesterday, I tamed the raging beast that was pounding on my cerebral cranium so that today, I could again let love flow through me.


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