Daily Inspiration for June 14, 2017


I am amused by the oracles that come out while I pull them as I develop my intuition instead of seeking outside help.  These resonate with me much more than Tarot cards.  I have nothing against these cards.  In fact, I own a set, that unfortunately is collecting dust at present.  We all have the answers within us.  My journey has taught me that following my inner guidance serves me more positively.  It allows me to dig deeper spiritually as I compose my inspirations.  I am growing, ever learning to become a wiser woman.

While my intention is to randomly take a card from each pile, at times, a few revelation cards will fall from my hands and I am inclined to reflect on the messages they provide.  It is no coincidence, Divine communication at its finest, so I listen.

Yesterday, someone reminded me of the importance of letting go of a situation and something I strongly desire.  The “letting go” is not giving up on what I want.  Rather, to ultimately obtain my wish, I must let go of the grip I hold on the outcome, letting go of control, which is essential.  It was then I finally understood a lesson I too often was slow to absorb over the years.  I woke up and acknowledged my friend is right.

Strong or obsessive attachments to the subject of one’s passion is indicative of a lack of faith.  That incessant focus prevents us from seeing anything come to fruition.  As another friend pointed out, life passes us by in such instances.  We wonder why so much time passed and nothing transpired.  The situation is already resolved, however we miss it and we block it because of the inability to fully show faith.

Shift your thoughts in a direction where you will not feel angst or stressed out, as frequently is the case when nothing has yet come to pass.  Think of something that brings you pleasure and joy.  Take the focus away from you for a moment.  Be present for others in your circle.  Allow yourself to be a blessing to someone.  Expand your mind, your horizons and your interests.  Watch the signs of alignments for what you are manifesting come to light and when you least expect it, the magic will unfold into your life in perfect timing, in perfect harmony.



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