Daily Inspiration for June 11, 2017


Today is a very beautiful Sunday.  I woke up late and took in the beautiful sunshine that has glowed all weekend.  I visited my favorite esoteric store and took a moment to appreciate nature.  I allowed myself space to enjoy beauty and the joy I was feeling.  This helps me avoid the proverbial Sunday blues.

I have to say that the inspiration of Hicks’s Ask and It Is Given perpetual calendar for June 11 is one I agree with wholeheartedly.  I do not believe that it is inappropriate for you to express your feelings even when it is one of anger.  Many times such a feeling is well placed and must be acknowledged in order to heal and proceed further.  You would do yourself a huge disservice NOT to honor how you feel in a given situation.  What does not serve positively is dwelling in negativity.  That. Is. HEAVY!  You cannot force yourself out of an emotion.  You must allow your inner system to process it and go through it.  The faster you grasp that concept, the easier you will transition into a more joyful place you would rather simmer on than the low sentiment you feel.

Sarah Prout reminds that we are all beautiful souls in beautiful bodies and energies.  The world needs that, especially now.  Honor your feelings and rise above those that do not make you feel so good.

We are reminded to surrender it all.  I know it is repetitive.  Part of the journey toward soul evolution is taking in the repeat lessons in order to grow.  Remember the number of times you parents had to continuously repeat themselves in order to ensure you understood and learned.  It is similar to that.

Angela Hartfield’s Whispers of Love oracle reminds us to slow down and not get too ahead of ourselves.  Sometimes, when we want something that has yet to transpire, we get angry.  This stems from impatience.  Divine timing is in perfect order.  We have learn to remain the moment.  It is today, here and now, that we are alive and living.  I know that guidance is essentially true for me and one I must pay particularly attention to.  In order to manifest and obtain what I truly desire, I have to accept that things are unfolding as they should and let the course flow naturally.

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