Daily Inspiration for June 10, 2017


The sun is shining brightly here.  It is a beautiful day promising a great start to a lovely weekend.  I can definitely say that my emotions have improved.  I recently started painting as a new hobby and the canvas I created last night was therapeutic and helped shift my feelings on a positive scale.

I have long admired those with great artistic abilities.  It never dawned on me that perhaps I have a certain aptitude to be creative also.  I made a commitment to attend a painting class at least once a month to hone on this newfound skill.  I instantly fell in love!

As Gabrielle Bernstein’s inspiration oracle suggests, the admiration I have for artists more than likely is a message to me that my artistry is my therapy.  I can let go of worry and problems for a period and channel my energy into something positive.  Afterwards, I realize that the time I give to concerns is not worth my time at all.  God/The Universe takes care of everything.

I am more than thankful for the loved ones who surround me and support my endeavors.  We love one another unconditionally and it is always my wish for them to be well and the better version of the wonderful people they already are.

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