Daily Inspiration for June 9, 2017


Today, I could share where my emotions lie at present on the scale shown on the June 9’s ‘Ask and It Is Given’ Hicks’ perpetual calendar, but I would just discredit myself since I strive to evolve into a positive person at all times.

I am often amazed to see my feelings change internally from one end of the spectrum to the next.  I am inclined to believe the truth behind having the ability to tap onto the feelings of a person with whom one has a deep spiritual connection.  Right now, I sincerely feel as though I am in someone else’s body.  It is particularly draining and depleting me of my good energy.  For this reason, I am strongly pushing to shift my focus.  Trust me when I say it is an extreme struggle, but one that is necessary.

“Dear God, I know you did not make a mistake when you created me.  I am meant to create amazingly in your world and I have a greater life purpose, beyond what I can currently see.  I choose to walk with you and accept what is not given for me to control, understanding it is for my greater good.  I let go.  I trust in the gift of intuition you grant me and allow your masterpiece to unfold as I know you are with me every step of the way.  You do not only hear me, but you listen to me.  I trust in your timing, Divine timing.  I cannot run faster than you.  I thank you for teaching me what true unconditional love is and that it first begins with loving myself this way.  I thank you and I love you. – Amen”

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