Daily Inspiration for June 8, 2017


Today is National Best Friend Day.  Before last year, I never knew such a day existed.   I found out when I contacted my twin flame after a period of silence.  “Oh. My. God.” he said, “You are not going to believe this!”  Interestingly, he was amazed to hear from me as he had his hand on the telephone to call, but I’d beat him to the punch.  I believed him.  This sort of thing always happens between us.  After conversing for a long moment he said “Oh today is Best Friend Day!  That’s why you called me, right?”  That is how I found out about this day.

I told him that no matter where life may take us, he will always remain my best friend. “Likewise”, he responded.

He is my best friend.  He takes me as I am.  He has seen me completely naked and not just in the physical sense, but as my true being.  Sure, there have been times when we have said to one another “Why are you this way?” or something alike, but ultimately, we sincerely accept one another the way God created us.  If he needs a pause to recover from an argument, I allow him the freedom to take it even though I am always ready to let bygones be bygones in nano seconds.  Just like the king of the jungle, no one will benefit from caging him.  He once expressed feeling suffocated in a previous relationship in which he was unable to be free to be himself.  It brings me joy to know that I do not hinder him.

Maybe I digressed a bit.  That memory came to me as I thought of writing on today’s inspiration.  That tidbit is just a synopsis of one part of my story that I am more than happy to share in further details at a later time :-).

As today’s inspiration depicts, there is power in being free.  It is the power within.  Such power in turn gives one value and a richer perspective on what one’s life’s purpose might be.  The mind is also clearer, which is the reason we are able to hear our intuition more loudly.  I strongly believe that intuition never leads anyone astray.  Consequently, being free lets us see things more positively and enables the possibility to make the best of any situation.

In my opinion, to be free also opens to love, to give it and to receive it.  That is love in all forms.


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