Who Am I And Why Am I Here?


I am a hopeless romantic fortunate to have encountered my twin soul despite the challenges it presents.  It has lead me onto the journey of the evolution of my soul, which at times can be just as freeing as it is exciting as it is heart wrenching!  Love is the greatest gift God has bestowed upon us and I will forever keep my heart open and believe in it.

I am no writing expert, but was lead to journal about my experiences as I continue to walk the path my soul has chosen.  At times, I may have a lot to say.  In other moments, I can be short and to the point.  Rest assured, I always say it as I see it and doing so lovingly.

Reading the stories of others on a similar route as mine has provided great help to me and I hope to be able to enlighten some people as well, even if I only touch one person.

Much as I do with my friends in my everyday life, I will share the wisdom I acquire along the way in addition to what inspires me to keep forward daily.  I believe heaven on earth exists.  I choose to be happy and surround myself with positivity throughout.  I am human and far from being perfect.  When I do fall off the wagon, I prefer to get up, dust my shoulders off and keep it moving instead of wallowing in self-pity.


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