Daily Inspiration for June 6, 2017


How did so many of us become programmed to instantly jump to negative thoughts first?  We want beauty.  We want goodness.  We want instant gratification.  Yet, we are often on guard questioning the motives behind someone’s positive actions.  “Nobody is that nice without expecting something in return”, I often hear people say.  Why not?  Why is it so hard to believe?  Do you not ever do it?

I have been a guilty party to this way of thinking.

Once, while at the train station returning home from the holidays, I was readying myself to climb a long stairwell while carrying a heavy suitcase.  It was no problem for independent me, accustomed to doing a lot alone.  Suddenly, I saw an unfamiliar hand on my luggage.  Perplexed, I turned around to see a young lady asking if she could offer me help.  I was tempted to say my usual “That’s ok, I’ve got this”.  But, I remembered learning from a woman much wiser than me that often we block our blessings by refusing what one offers us.  I agreed, admittedly a bit on guard then.  “Is she trying to steal my stuff?  Is she going to corner me for something?”  Nope; she was simply a young soul put on my path to teach me that anybody is capable of providing a lovely gesture to another.

I felt silly.  I thought: “How many times have you been kind to a stranger without wanting to cause harm or asking for something?  You are not the only good person in this world.  Give people a chance”.

As Sarah Prout’s beautiful Dear Universe oracle card above suggests, surround your environment with the magic of limitless wonder.  The deeper this belief grows in you, the more this becomes your way of living.  Surrender your worries and troubles to God and the Universe; they exist for that very purpose.  There is no need to hold onto hefty torches at all times.  Negative thoughts and concerns carry such heavy weights.  I know, I have been there too.

Striving to shift my mindset and choosing to live more positively each day is so light and airy.  It seems as though there is nothing wrong in the world when I revel that feeling.  It is no easy feat to alter one’s programming, but in the end it is well worth the effort.  Really, once your soul is ready for growth, it does not feel like an effort at all.  It becomes second nature.

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