Daily Inspiration for June 3, 2017


I am no psychic.  I have learned through my life to allow my intuition and “happy” accidents to guide me.  Pulling my daily inspirations keep me grounded.  I interpret them as a story, a meditation to start my day.

The story today reminds me to take positive steps towards the path leading to the destination I desire to reach.  Talking without doing is unproductive.

I have come to realize that perhaps there are no mistakes, but simply lessons for us all to learn from and grow.  If ever faced with the reality that someone I once trusted wronged me, I understand the importance to be courageous and forgive for what I perceived as wasted time.  I look around me and find gratitude for the valuable relationships I hold in my life and remember that the bad actions of one person do not speak for the actions of all people.  I refuse to build blocks around me, preventing trust and giving my power to those not deserving of it.  I remain open.

Get clear on what you really want and ask the Universe for it.  God is listening, ALWAYS.  You need not beg him, for his timing is on point.  Trust it, let it go and allow the magic to unfold.

Faith is key.  It is believing without seeing.  It comes with oneself.  Find the faith within you in order to able to carry it outwardly.

There is beauty in everyone.  Open yourself to see it.

Always keep an open heart for being too guarded is heavy.

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