Daily Inspiration for June 1, 2017


Today’s thoughts particularly resonate with me.  I often ask myself who am I to say I believe in God and his Universe and at the same time wonder if my wishes will be granted.  I sometimes liken this to the trust I have for my mother.  She is a woman of her word, has provided for me since I was in her womb and always delivers.  She never gives me cause for concern.  The same is true of God/The Universe.  This is where love over fear comes into play for me.  I know beyond a doubt that my mother loves me.  Because I have faith that she has my best interest at heart, I have no fear as I wait for her to bring or do what she promises.

I have come to realize that is how I should regard my relationship with Source, God, the Universe.  When we pray and manifest, we simply need to release it and trust that at the right time we will receive an answer.  Think of a moment when you have wished for something, did not dwell on it and seemingly saw it unfold unexpectedly.  Did it not come as a beautiful surprise?  Believing in God’s love does override fear.  It also helps to be thankful for the blessings we presently have as we allow divine timing to unfold.

The Universe/God is omnipresent forever listening and has the greatest intentions for our highest good.  We simply have to let go of the grip we tightly attach to the object of our desires, to the outcome.  Otherwise, a disparity in our beliefs ensues, which further creates conflict within and with the Universe.  Trust me, no one wants that!


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